Page TitleVbscript Error 2738: How to Resolve 2738 Error In 5 Minutes

Error 2738 occurs usually because Visual Basic Script is either not installed or not properly registered in the computer. The full description is "Could not access VB script runtime for custom action". In this article, we are going to focus on the solutions commonly used to solve Error 2738 VB script Windows.
Error 2738 will also cause System Error 5, Error 1722, Error 1053, etc.

This error message indicates that the Vb Script engine is not currently registered on the machine where the install/uninstall is taking place. When installing or uninstalling the following error message is displayed.

Error 2738. Could not access VBScript run time for custom action.

Resolution Methods:

Reregister VBScript.dll File
Error 2738 VB script Windows appears due to problems with the registration of VBScript.dll file. Reregistering it may fix your problem.

Repair Registry Entries Related to Visual Basic
Registry conflicts while Nitro PDF software installation lead Error 2738 VB script Windows. Repairing your registry would solve the problem.

Delete a Registry Key
There is a registry key which can cause conflicts with your computer and thereby result in Error 2738 VB script Windows.

Restore your Computer
Using System Restore, restore your computer to an earlier date. This will help fixing Error 2738 VB script Windows.

Reinstall the Program showing you the Error
If you are receiving error 2738 VB script Windows during the runtime of a specific program, then reinstall it to fix your issue.

Update your Drivers
Update all your drivers for fixing error 2738 VB script Windows.

After the above steps have been performed, error 2738 should no longer show up, but it is a good idea at this point to optimize your registry and scan it for any potential problems. You can do this by using a registry cleaner software Advanced PC Tweaker will scan the entire Windows registry and look for problems. When it finds problematic areas, it will fix the issues. The registry is also optimized, resulting in a smoother and more robust computer environment.